Mobile Workforce Solutions
Using mobile technology to improve the livelihoods of frontline workers while creating real business value.
Mobile Workforce Solutions

From “Required”
to Motivated

We provide training and personal skill development with a game-style app designed for personal growth, while increasing productivity and reducing turnover.

From “Job”
to Community

MicroBenefits provides a wealth of mobile resources and information tailored to each worker and their employer, creating a community of engagement.

From “Isolated”
to Engaged

A social media platform that allows a space for conversations to take place. News, polls, support, and social circles provide meaningful connections.

 Recent Blog Posts

Overcome Obstacles to Change: Recap of Business for Social Responsibility 2016

Written by Mason Chenn, Director of Business Development This past week I rubbed shoulders with 1,000+ other social-impact minded entrepreneurs, executives and civic leaders at Business for Social Responsibility in New York City. I walked away with expanded vision and...

Modernizing the Way We Think about Factory Automation

Written by Tyler Lyman, MicroBenefits CEO The global industrial automation market surpassed projected forecasts for 2016, reaching $209 billion—a 26% increase in growth in merely two years. Buoyed by accelerating global economies, factory automation has become the...

Three Ways to Improve Feedback from Your Workers

Written by Bryant Eggett, COO Your frontline workers have significant insight into performance of management, vital input about manufacturing processes and crucial information to help improve your organization as a whole. Gathering data from your frontline seems...

Mobile Learning: What Works, What Doesn’t (Part One)

Written by Bryant Eggett, COO The global mobile subscriber rate now stands at 63% at 4.7 billion unique subscribers. Although the rapid pace of penetration will likely slow, by 2020 another billion subscribers will join the ranks. Mobile has changed how the...

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Technology is leading the way to higher employee engagement in China. Get more info:
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MicroBenefits @microbenefits
Employee engagement rates are on the rise in China, but still leave room for improvement:
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Employee engagement starts with hiring the right people. #HR #HRTech
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MicroBenefits takes a historical page out of successful developed economies that workers with benefits and incentives are more loyal, motivated, and secure. Sometimes the best innovations come from looking back to history.

Geoff Woolley

Chairman, Unitus Impact

MicroBenefits’ social mission isn’t a pretty cover-up for a business solution. It’s a group of people who genuinely care about improving the work experience for China’s migrant workers.

Kurt Brown

Principal, Alta Investment Group

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Every year, millions of Chinese workers move around the country in search of blue collar jobs. Together they face increasing costs of living, separation from their families, and the frustration of not having the tools to achieve their goals. These pressures lead them to move around to find something new, something better.

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