The Solution

The Tool For Employee Engagement Is Already In Their Hands

70% of frontline factory workers own a smartphone. MicroBenefits’ solutions team works with customers to unlock the potential of that tool; creating a seamless approach to reduce attrition and increase profits.

From “Job” to Community

MicroBenefits provides a wealth of resources and information tailored to each worker and employer. The solution distinguishes the company from others and communicates value to the employee.

500,000 workers are waiting to connect to a company that values who they are, not just the work they do.


From “Required” to Motivated

The Company IQ app takes training to a new level of fun! Providing company training and personal skill development in this game-style app allows for personal growth, while increasing productivity and reducing training costs.

From “Isolated” to Engaged

The Company Link provides a social media platform that allows employers and employees to have a space for conversation to take place. News, polls and support all flow through this channel, while also providing a meaningful place of connection through creating personal social circles.

From “Struggling” to Savings

MicroBenefits works to create a tailored discount network near the facility that offers an average savings of 15% on products and services employees regularly use.

From “Curious” to Analytics

Backend Reporting services allows employers to get at the actual data they need to measure engagement, discover trends, monitor program impact and allow for feedback. Decisions are made on data, not hunches.

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