A Sustainable Impact

Say “Hello” to Increased Employee Engagement
and “Goodbye” to High Attrition

In countries like China, 43% of laborers migrate outside their villages or provinces to find work. The average monthly turnover for employer is 15% or greater. These migratory workers are facing incredible challenges and are disengaged in the workplace.

MicroBenefits is dedicated to improving the livelihood of frontline workers through an economically sustainable business model that creates real value for employers. 500,000 workers are waiting to connect to a company that values who they are, not just the work they do.

Imagine how MicroBenefits can help you bridge the gap that exists between employee engagement and increased profitability due to attrition.

We resource companies for greater engagement and profitability.

We do this by:

  • Providing a platform for ongoing training and social engagement
  • Reward employees with cost savings on everyday essentials
  • Increase employee involvement, communication and satisfaction
  • Ignite employee satisfaction, which creates retention and community
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